Use of Clear Creek ISD’s virtual learning program for kindergarten through fifth-grade students has declined as the 2021-22 school year progresses, but district leaders intend to continue the virtual learning conversation in 2022.

The program launched Sept. 7 with 637 enrollees, but about 25% enrolled in person between the signup closure and program launch, said Holly Hughes, assistant superintendent of elementary education, in November. CCISD has 85 kindergarten to fifth-grade students enrolled for the spring semester, staff said Jan. 5.

Virtual learning as a full-time option will expire at the end of this school year, staff said. However, CCISD’s five-year District of Innovation plan includes an exemption allowing it to create and maintain a virtual system beyond the state Legislature’s Sept. 1, 2023, deadline.

CCISD is also reviewing expanding Clear Access online courses to grant high schoolers more flexibility.