Galveston County has reported an additional 233 coronavirus cases since Aug. 13, bringing the total case count to 10,033 on Aug. 17.

About 4,000 of the cases—four in every 10—are currently active, according to health department data. No new deaths have been reported since Aug. 10.

There were 8,825 total cases in Galveston County at the start of August, marking approximately a 14% increase over the course of the month—a significant slowdown from the reported 115% increase in the county’s COVID-19 cases during July. Case positivity rates have fluctuated between 8% and 9% throughout August, per county health department data.

Galveston, League City and Texas City all have more than 1,600 confirmed cases as of Aug. 17. In Friendswood, 591 cases have been confirmed, 11 of which occurred at Friendship Haven Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.

Outbreaks at five other nursing homes in League City and Texas City have infected a collective 257 people, per health department data. The nursing home outbreaks account for about 6.5% of the cases in Texas City, 6% of the cases in League City and less than 2% of the total cases in Friendswood.

The county also began displaying antibody test results on the database in mid-June. Nearly 4,200 people have received the testing thus far, with all but 307 of those people testing negative.