On June 29, people with green thumbs or who are interested in learning more about aeroponic farming can participate in assembling aeroponic vertical garden systems—the same devices that are used for growing food for astronauts on the Artemis Base and Orion Mission.

What you need to know

On June 29, St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church will host an Eden Grow Towers Assembly Party, according to a release from the church.

Parishioners and nonparishioners alike are invited to assemble Eden Grow Towers, which are aeroponic garden systems. These systems allow for a 12-month growing season, don’t use soil, and rely on computer-regulated mineral and water disbursements.

“With these, you can grow lettuce in December or in the dead of summer,” St. Thomas Rev. Mike Stone said.

Eden Grow Towers use technology approved by NASA that will be used for growing astronaut food on the Artemis II missions, according to the release.

Community Impact previously reported the Artemis II mission, which has been delayed until September 2025, aims to explore the moon and learn how to “live and work away from home.”

Why it matters

The Economic Development Corporation of the City of Nassau Bay awarded St. Thomas a pilot program to supplement the food donations because the church had been making considerable donations to the Galveston County Food Bank, according to the news release.

Looking ahead

The assembly party will take place at 2 p.m. in Krist Hall, 18300 Upper Bay Road, Houston, according to the news release.

After assembly, the towers will grow food at St. Thomas to donate to the food bank, Stone said.