A rebranded music school in Houston's Bay Area plans to relocate to a new home in League City by mid-summer.

The details

Attuned School of Music is currently building a facility on Columbia Memorial Parkway that's set to be completed in July, according to a project filed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and confirmed by business representatives.

A group of musicians and educators will provide group classes, private lessons and performance programs for instruments such as piano, voice, drums, wind, strings and guitar—per the business's website. Students as young as three years old can participate in group lessons.

Attuned owner Glen Koppe, who himself has played piano and guitar for more than 20 years and has taught music since 2014, said in an email the 3,200-square-foot facility will have rooms for both private and group lessons, and a small performance hall with a stage.

What's in a name?

The business has been open under another music company, which dissolved in 2016 and operated temporarily from St. Thomas the Episcopal Church in Nassau Bay, representatives said.

Koppe said he built this brand with a focus on making learning and performing music fun and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

He said the inspiration for the name of the company comes from Dungeons and Dragons. In the game, "attuning" a magical item involves studying and testing its abilities. Koppe said this is how it has felt to learn an instrument and study music.

"We believe music is about the exploration of sound and developing an identity that helps you relate with other musicians," Koppe said. "In our lessons, students and instructors spend time discussing what music they enjoy and want to learn, instead of following a strict repertoire."