Artists can submit photos of their paper-based artwork to League City by May 5 to be showcased in the city's upcoming art exhibit “Art of Paper,” which will focus on artwork in which paper is the main medium, according to a post from League City.

The art exhibit will open May 26 at the Johnnie Arolfo Civic Center, 400 W. Walker St., League City.

Some eligible types of paper craft for submission include:
  • Decoupage, which is about gluing paper cutouts;
  • Origami, which is about folding paper into shapes;
  • Papier-mache, which is about using an adhesive paper pulp mixture to create crafts; and
  • Quilling, which is about rolling and shaping strips of paper.
Artists can email their submissions to [email protected] by May 5.

Furthermore, residents of all ages can submit origami birds at Helen Hall Library, 100 W. Walker St., or League City Hall, 300 W. Walker St. Origami submissions will not be returned, but credit will be provided at the exhibit, according to the post.