Since 2007, Freedom Solar Power has been leading the way for solar energy in the state of Texas. In the 16 years the company has been in business, its leaders have expanded to Florida and Colorado. Now, they’re sharing all the reasons why people should be going green in the new year.

1. Savings speak for themselves

Customers who use solar panels with Freedom Solar Power save on average around $30,000 over the 25 years that the panels are in use. There are two main ways this can happen, according to Freedom Solar Power senior energy consultant Sam Cochran. The first is through locking in a fixed rate for electricity by essentially having your own power plant on your roof. The second is through backup battery systems that can kick in during power outages saving thousands in expenses you’d otherwise incur.

“They pay for themselves by circumventing the utility company’s increasing rates and delivery fees,” Cochran said.

2. Installation is quick and painless

Though the process of installing solar panels can seem overwhelming from an outside perspective, installation can actually take as little as three months to complete, depending on the size of the roof and the angles of the house. Cochran encourages potential customers to view it as a mini construction project. The largest portion of time contains no actual installation; the majority is spent on the permitting and inspection process. Once the design of the project is approved, the actual installation can begin.

3. You don’t have to live in the sun 24/7

Contrary to popular belief, the sun doesn’t have to be bright and shining for the home to be powered during the day. As long as a person can see outside, there is still solar power to be made by the panels. Even if it’s dark and stormy out, the electricity will still be going strong. In the case of an outage, if there's not enough light to power the panels, this is where their back up batteries kick in.

“The rule of thumb is if there is light out, your SunPower system is producing power for your home.,” area sales manager Sarah Saldivar said.

4. Never be surprised by your bill again

For homeowners who are used to powering their homes through traditional electricity, along with that option comes a monthly utility bill with a price that cannot always be controlled. These prices are steadily increasing due to the energy demands of the population across America. With Freedom Solar Power, a customer's monthly bill for their solar system will always be a flat cost, whether they're looking at a bill from 10 months down the road or 10 years in the future. Costs may even end up being less than a fixed rate if homeowners are utilizing more energy than they’re producing.

“Going solar helps our customers gain independence from the utility grid while saving them thousands, and contributes to leaving this planet better than we found it.” Saldivar said.

5. Feel good about the environment

Along with all of the cost benefits over time, solar panels also have a large, positive effect on the environment. By using solar panels, a customer will have saved 4,000 gallons of water and 11,000 pounds of coal. Plus, solar usage equates to around 400 trees being planted every time a new customer goes solar.

“If we want to get [even] more specific, every time a homeowner goes solar, they are saving over 30,000 miles from being driven on the road,” Saldivar said.

Freedom Solar Power’s partner, SunPower, also approaches everything from a sustainability standpoint, with less than 1% of their waste being sent to landfills.

6. They’re a one-stop shop

Unlike other companies that only provide the solar panels or other aspects such as monitoring, providing batteries, installing and inverter making, Freedom Solar Power truly takes care of everything related to the process. This way, the customer knows that any problems will be easily fixable and won’t be tossed around in a game of “hot potato,” according to Cochran.

7. Repairs are always a guarantee

The main goal of Freedom Solar Power has always been to do it right the first time, Saldivar said. In the event that anything does happen, the team has a “zero cost of ownership” they take pride in and will be out immediately for repairs when needed.

“There's no question on who you're going to call,” Saldivar said. “You call Freedom Solar.”

Overall, the main takeaway Saldivar wants future customers to know is that Freedom Solar Power can diligently guide them through the process and design a solution that fits their particular needs.

“Solar power, saving money and helping the planet is for everyone,” she said.

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