Completion of the construction on Richardson’s West Prairie Creek Drive is now planned for February 2024 after additional work was identified for the project.

According to a project update, unforeseen repairs to the roadway’s concrete base are needed in addition to other work that has already taken place. Construction on West Prairie Creek Drive between North Collins Boulevard and West Campbell Road was funded as part of the city’s 2015 bond.

The gist

The delay in the road work was announced during a phase of concrete repair on the roadway. Construction for the entire project is estimated to cost over $7.4 million, per the project website.

Road work began in August 2022 and included a new street overlay, updated water infrastructure and additional crosswalks.

Currently, only southbound travel lanes are open while crews perform utility work on the other side of the street. Crews are also continuing to replace waterlines between Lookout Drive and Campbell Road with pipes already installed and operational between Collins Boulevard and Lookout Drive.

The details

According to the project website, several areas are included in the roadway reconstruction's scope.
  • Removal and replacement of the current road
  • Rehabilitation of sewer lines
  • Replacement of waterlines
  • Upgrading drainage pipes
  • New street parking signs and restrictions
  • Striping to mark on-street parking on Lookout Drive
  • Curb extension at Lookout Drive to improve pedestrian crossings
  • Additional crosswalks along West Prairie Creek Drive
Originally, a road widening was planned, but was not included in the final project.

What else?

Individuals interested in learning more about the project or signing up to receive alerts can do so on the city’s website.