The Richardson City Council approved a special-use permit that will allow Another Time and Place Grill to provide dining, hookah and live entertainment on an outdoor patio. Located at 925 Abrams Road in Richardson, the restaurant is expected to operate seven days per week.

Because the establishment will provide tobacco and tobacco accessories and allow on-site smoking, the special-use permit was required to be approved by council, which voted 4-3 in favor of allowing the business to operate during its May 9 meeting. Council Members Bob Dubey, Ken Hutchenrider and Arefin Shamsul voted against the special permit.

City documents show the restaurant will operate on a 6,600-square-foot patio with 4,300 square feet of the patio being covered. City documents state the concept will be similar to the Turkish Café & Lounge, which is located at 8412 Preston Road in Plano. According to the permit, no indoor seating will be provided within the existing 5,600-square-foot single-story building.

Based on the lack of availability of on-site parking, a condition is included in the proposal limiting the seating capacity to a maximum of 97 customers. The seating capacity limitation is based on a total of 57 parking spaces, which includes 44 on-site parking spaces and 13 off-site parking spaces that would be acquired via a parking agreement.

The property, which was previously a restaurant after being converted from a liquor store, was purchased in 2021 with the intent of turning it into an outdoor restaurant that allows smoking, according to city documents.

As part of the special-use permit, a 10-foot-wide landscape buffer along Buckingham Road and Abrams Road will be created to space out the patio. A minimum of four canopy trees and four ornamental trees will be provided within the landscape buffer, and a 5-foot-tall wood fence is expected to be added.