Health food store Surge Nutrition began offering drinks such as its pineapple sangria energy tea and Butterfinger protein shake with its grand opening June 25 at 804 W. Shore Drive, Richardson.

"I consider us the healthy version of the Dairy Queen," owner Andrew Green said. "We do nutritional meal replacement shakes and energy teas that are good for breakfast and lunch along with about 120 other supplements and nutritional items."

Green said the store's energy teas, which are available in low-caffeine options, outperform comparable drinks from Monster Energy, Rockstar and Bang Energy while being low in calories and under 1 gram of sugar.

"They're also dietary, which means you actually lose more calories drinking it than is actually in the tea," he said. "You'll burn about 40 calories drinking the tea but you wouldn't think so tasting it. If you're trying to lose weight, we're definitely the people to see."

Surge Nutrition's protein shakes also make for a "delicious snack," according to Green. Customers can purchase freshly made drinks at the store or buy drink mixes to make at home, he said. 469-953-4970.