Richardson City Council provided feedback to city staff on a list of about 50 tactics that will help form a plan of items for staff to address during the 2023-25 council term and on an ongoing basis.

The tactics were accepted by council during its Nov. 6 meeting after goals and strategies were previously adopted by council members at the Oct. 23 meeting.

Two-minute impact

City Manager Don Magner said the adopted tactics along with the goals and strategies help populate a work plan for city staff. Longer-term plans are deferred until later to allow staff time to research, he added.

“The new tactics really represent the work plan that we’ll be undertaking to help this council achieve its goals and its vision,” Magner said.

To follow up on progress, Magner said city staff will provide at least two periodic updates to council during the 2023-25 term. He said the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas will be used to assemble project teams that will focus on the implementation of the strategic visions.

Zooming in

The adopted tactics include a set of ongoing and term-specific objectives corresponding to the previously adopted four goals and 13 strategies. The four adopted goals are:
  • Effectively, efficiently and transparently manage city resources
  • Have companies and individuals choose Richardson as the best place to locate, contribute and engage
  • Have well-trained, engaged and innovative employees who deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • Have clear, continuously improved policies that make it easy for all stakeholders to interact with the city
The 13 strategies include ways the city can continue attracting high-quality employees, maintaining its AAA bond rating, and promoting public engagement and input. Two new strategies pertaining to promoting economic development that benefits the whole city as well as exploring unique opportunities to attract and retain residents were also adopted for the 2023-25 council term.

Some of the ongoing tactics include:
  • Advancing the City Hall and library projects on time and within budget
  • Continuing coordination with community partners on the Silver Line and Cotton Belt Regional Trail projects
  • Reissuing the master development request for Arapaho Station
Quote of note

“It’s really an exercise of alignment to make sure that staff, as we embark on these tactics, really understand and honor the council’s goals and their vision,” Magner said.