The final vacancy for a position within the Richardson City Manager’s Office has been filled, according to a news release.

Richardson will have a new assistant city manager, Dannette Garcia, after she starts Nov. 30. The position was previously vacant because budgetary constraints impacted city staffing levels across all departments.

The overview

Garcia’s current position is as assistant town manager in Parker, Colorado, where she has worked with the municipal court, community engagement staff, communications teams and more. Per the news release, she has over 17 years of experience in both private and public sector jobs, including working in city government with Greenwood Village, Colorado, and Addison.

In the news release, Garcia said she is excited to join the city staff in Richardson.

“The organization has a long history of delivering excellent public services,” Garcia said. “I am honored to join the city manager’s office team to serve and support the employees and the entire community.”

At the time of the hiring announcement, the city had not disclosed which departments she would oversee.

Quote of note

“Dannette has experience in nearly every facet of local government, and her knowledge and years of experience along with her customer-service approach to overseeing municipal programs and services makes her an excellent choice to lead in our organization,” City Manager Don Magner said.