The final phase of a project aimed at increasing water pressure in Richardson to help accommodate future growth in the western portions of the city is set to move forward.

Richardson City Council approved a gross maximum price of around $11.6 million for landscaping, North Texas Municipal Water District waterline modifications and pump station building necessities for its Water Pressure Zone 825 during its Sept. 11 meeting.

The overview

There are three water pressure zones in the city: 825, which is currently the northwestern portion; 767, which makes up most of Richardson; and 700, which is in the northeastern portion. By expanding the infrastructure in zone 825, city officials hope to free up capacity for those served by zone 767.

The expansion project has been managed in four phases and totals around $62 million, according to Director of Engineering and Capital Projects Jim Dulac. Including funding from the NTMWD for its improvements, the total cost of the project is over $80.8 million, according to a presentation made to council.

City Manager Don Magner attributed the necessity of the project to growth in the western portions of Richardson, including a nearly 36-acre mixed-use development with up to 4,000 residential units approved during the Sept. 11 meeting.

“All of the master planning and growth we’ve been experiencing over the last five, 10 years, and look forward to supporting, requires additional capacity within our system,” Dulac said. “This new [project] will allow us to support current as well as future growth in the 825 and 767 [zones].”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Richardson’s population was 119,469 in 2020. Based on projections from the North Central Texas Council of governments, the city’s population is estimated to be 127,970 in 2045.

The details

The fourth phase of the project will add to other work already underway for the water pressure zone. According to meeting documents, several elements are included in the fourth and final phase:
  • Roof and masonry for the pump station
  • Electrical components, instruments and controls, and security infrastructure for the pump station
  • Landscaping and irrigation on Renner Road after waterline work is finished and screening is put up around the pump station
  • NTMWD waterline design modifications to mitigate landscaping impacts
The context

The prior three phases of the project addressed the pump station, waterlines and the construction of a 5 million gallon underground water storage tank. Expansion of the Northside Pump Station, which will add 15 million gallons in pumping capacity, is also included in the project.

Construction on the pump station began this spring with the tank’s construction breaking ground over the summer.

Also as part of the project, the NTMWD is installing a 36-inch waterline that will run west from Custer Parkway to the pump station. The city is also constructing three waterlines as part of the project.
  • 30-inch waterline from the pump station to the intersection of Valley Ridge Drive and West Renner Road
  • 20-inch waterline from the intersection of Valley Ridge Drive and West Renner Road to the intersection with Alma Road
  • 12-inch waterline along Alma Road
“It is a significant project and one that we are really glad to be putting on the ground to bring forward for the future of Richardson,” Dulac said.

What’s next?

Median beautification is expected to take place following the completion of the city’s waterline later this year or in January, according to Dulac’s presentation. City officials expect the expanded pump station to be operational in spring 2025 with a generator for the facility installed later that year.

The 30-inch waterline has an expected completion date in January 2024, and the ground storage tank will likely be completed that summer.