Richardson residents will see increases to their water, sewer and solid waste rates in the new fiscal year.

Richardson City Council approved the rates during an Aug. 28 meeting as part of the FY 2023-24 budget.

Two-minute impact

Richardson’s monthly water and sewer rates are increasing by 3% each as part of the adopted budget. Commercial solid waste rates will increase by 3% as well along with a $1 monthly increase for residential customers, based on information provided to council.

Residents over age 65 can apply for a 26% discount on their monthly solid waste bill by filling out the city’s application.

City Manager Don Magner said the increased rates were caused by higher prices from the city’s utility providers as well as inflated costs for both equipment and infrastructure. Based on the adopted budget, the city has budgeted over $40 million for its water contract, a $3.96 million increase from last year, and nearly $27.77 million for sewer, about a $3.68 million increase from last year.

“This is to account for and be responsive to the 11% increase that the [North Texas Municipal Water] District shared with council as well as about a 15% increase on average from our wastewater providers for the treatment of our wastewater,” Magner said.

By the numbers

Based on the revised rates, the city released figures estimating the annual increases for the average residential customer in the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Water: Customers will see a $29 increase annually to $1,081 compared to $1,052 last year. This estimate is based on 8,000 gallons per month usage from October through May and 18,000 gallons per month usage from June through September
  • Sewer: Customers will see a $14 increase to $573 compared to $559 last year based on 98% of a customer’s water usage, which is 7,840 gallons per month.
  • Solid waste: Customers will see a $12 increase to $300 compared to $288 last year. Residential customers will receive a $25 monthly service charge for residential customers. These estimated do not include the 26% senior discount.
  • Drainage: Single-family residential fees remain at $4.25 monthly, equating to $51 annually.
What’s next

The rates will go into effect starting when the fiscal year begins Oct. 1. Customers will see the increased prices reflected on their November bills for October usage.