The city of Richardson updated plans to expand its water distribution system during its Oct. 31 City Council meeting.

The water expansion, which includes adding a 5 million-gallon storage tank in an area near Point North Park, was first agreed upon over the summer after a review of Richardson’s partnership with the North Texas Municipal Water District. The construction project consists of expansion of the Northside Pump metering station, which is located at the corner of Point North Parkway and Synergy Park Boulevard.

“This project is essential to making sure that we're able to deliver water in a timely way for the area as we look for substantial redevelopment,” City Manager Don Magner said.

Magner said the project is expected to cost the city nearly $49 million with the North Texas Municipal Water District committing an additional $13.8 million for the project.

Richardson officials said the updated plans will reduce the effects of the construction on Point North Park after community feedback. According to Magner, the site’s parking lot and playground will remain open throughout construction except for a temporary closure to assemble the tank wall panels. In addition, the park’s walking path will be temporarily rerouted to allow continued use throughout construction. The park’s ball field is expected to be closed during the work, but the pavilion will be relocated, and the playground will be renovated on city-owned land, according to Richardson officials. Additional shade trees will also be added around the trail to replace those removed as part of the project.

The city will also provide 10-foot screen fencing for the properties most affected by being adjacent to the pump station and the ground storage tank.

In addition to the pump station renovations, water transmission lines are expected to be added along Point North Parkway, along Renner Road from the metering station to Custer Road, and along Alma Drive from Renner Road to the President George Bush Turnpike.

City officials said the project is expected to begin in spring 2023 and be fully completed by fall 2024. The construction of the water transmission line is expected to begin in fall 2023.

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