The State Fair of Texas announced 36 dishes that may grace the taste buds of this year’s fairgoers. The 19 entries in the savory category and 17 in the sweet category can each be sold as a “new food” during this year’s fair, which will open Sept. 29.

Some of dishes that may come to the fair vary from twists on traditionally fried dishes to fried whiskey or Vietnamese coffee. Others include a few alternative sandwich options and different takes on popular desserts.

The following entries are for the savory category:
  • Butcher’s Block
  • Cornbread Sausage Bombs
  • Creole Etouffee Beignets
  • Deep Fried Birria Bomb
  • Deep Fried Pho
  • Deep Fried Surf & Turf Empanada
  • Deep Fried Sushi Bombs
  • Deep Fried Cheesy Crab Tater Bites
  • Fried Monte Qristo
  • Fried Texas BBQ Shotgun Shells
  • Loaded Fries Pizza
  • Ox’cellent Soul Roll
  • Raspberry Chipotle Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese
  • Taki Ramen Tostada
  • Texas Thai Up
  • The Balboa
  • The Tomato-Tomahto Potato-Potatho Slyder
  • The Triple C
  • Turkey Ribs

The following entries are for the sweet category:
  • Biscoff Delight
  • Bourbon Banana Caramel Sopapillas
  • Churreos
  • Cotton Candyrita
  • Deep Fried Honey Butter Brisket Swirls
  • Deep Fried Texas Oatmeal Pie
  • Deep Fried Vietnamese Coffee
  • Deep Fried Candy Pecan Bacon Bread Pudding
  • Fried Cherry Pie in the Sky
  • Fried Fireball Shot
  • Island Delight Deep Fried Pina Colada
  • Not’cho Average Nachos
  • Rest in Heavenly Peach
  • Strawberry Chicks-on-the-Stick
  • Sweet Encanto
  • The Fruity Pebble Pickle
  • Trail-Ade
To learn more about each item, click here.

Entrants must have at least one year’s experience as a concessionaire at the state fair to be eligible to participate. During the semifinal round, dishes will be judged in a tasting round based on the likelihood of a fairgoer purchasing the item in addition to four criteria: uniqueness, presentation, creativity and taste.

The 36 semifinalists in the 19th annual Big Tex Choice Awards will be trimmed to 10 finalists in August with winners announced a few weeks later.