Need a drink? Here are three places offering boba or sweet treats in Richardson that recently opened or rebranded. The list is not comprehensive.

1. Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee

Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee is now open in Richardson.

The shop opened July 22, a company representative said. Located at 2000 N. Plano Road, Ste. 103, Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee serves coffee, boba tea, fruit tea, smoothies and sandwiches. In addition to the Richardson location, Pu'er also has a location in Katy.


2. Sugar

Organic dessert shop Sugar opened Aug. 4 in Richardson.

Located at 1403 E. Campbell Road, Ste. 110, Sugar features a large outdoor patio and serves a selection of desserts, including organic gelato and baked goods. It also serves a variety of drinks, including coffee, tea and boba.

A grand opening is planned for late August.


3. FirstTea Bubble Tea House

FirstTea Bubble Tea House reopened July 18, a company spokesperson said. The shop was previously named ShareTea and serves similar products, such as fruit tea, milk tea and brewed tea, with plans to eventually sell food.

The shop is located at 1386 E. Belt Line Road.