While visiting friends in Florida more than a decade ago, North Dallas natives Jan and Barry Rosen noticed one of their favorite restaurants, Little Greek Fresh Grill, was looking to expand. They said they jumped at the chance to open a location in Richardson.

Much of the Richardson restaurant looks and feels like the Florida flagship, but over the years the Rosens have adapted the menu to include a Texas flair. The potato salad, for example, is not considered traditional Greek cuisine, but Barry said it is one of their signatures.

While the menu has evolved, the Rosens said the core values of the company remain unchanged.

“The three things we always focus on [are]: food, service and cleanliness,” Barry said. “We make nearly everything from scratch. We look at it as, if we were coming in, what would we want?”

Shortly after opening, the couple had friends from Greece stop by to try the food. The Rosens said they gave particularly high praise to the dolmades, which are grape leaves stuffed with beef, rice, tomato and herbs.

“They came in and said, ‘That was better than anything we had growing up,’” Barry said.

While many restaurants faced a decline in business during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rosens said the Richardson community never wavered in their support for Little Greek.

“Our restaurant did great,” Jan said.

To show their appreciation, the couple is more motivated than ever to give back to Richardson.

“We have never said ‘no’ to someone asking us to donate something,” Jan said. “This is just a great community here. Everyone’s very supportive of each other.”

Little Greek Fresh Grill

1920 N. Coit Road, Richardson



Hours: Daily 11 a.m.-9 p.m.