An updated plan for a mixed-use development was recommended for approval by the Richardson City Plan Commission.

The new plan recommended for approval during the Nov. 21 meeting includes a taller apartment complex and parking structure along with more units that will be available for rent. A plan for the proposed mixed-use development near the intersection of West Spring Valley Road and South Sherman Street was initially approved in October 2021, Senior Planner Derica Peters said.

What’s happening

Brandon Hancock, president of development at Lang Partners, said an amendment to the initial development plan was sought after a change in market conditions. The new development plan for the complex near the Spring Valley Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station includes 373 apartments in a five-story building, three live and work units, a five-story parking garage, and 900 square feet of coworking space, according to city documents.

“As things have changed over the last six to 12 months in the markets, we got our pricing and realized the feasibility of our four-story project wasn’t there,” Hancock said.

Also included in the project are potential enhancements to the city’s Central Trail, Peters said. To mitigate additional traffic flow in the area, it is also likely that an additional left-turn lane will need to be constructed near the intersection of West Spring Valley Road and South Sherman Street.

The context

The previous iteration of the plan approved in 2021 included a similar mix of uses, but had fewer apartments, Peters said. Per city documents, the previous plan was for 299 apartments in a four-story building, a four-story parking structure, three live and work units, and 932 square feet of coworking space.

A subsequent amendment was made in October 2022 to reflect parking ratios based on the total amount of bedrooms and a decrease to 294 apartments, according to city documents.

What’s next?

The zoning case is scheduled to be considered by Richardson City Council during the Dec. 11 meeting.