Richardson continues to see fewer cases of the coronavirus compared to surrounding areas.

There were 23 confirmed cases in the Dallas County portion of 75080, the city's largest ZIP code, in the 14 days prior to July 6, according to health and human services departments in Dallas and Collin counties. This area leads Richardson with the highest number of cases, which totaled 225 as of July 7.

There have been 148 confirmed cases in 75081, with 37 new cases in the same two-week period. The 75082 ZIP code, which also straddles Dallas and Collin counties, has reported 80 total cases since the start of the pandemic, six of which were confirmed in Dallas County in the past two weeks. Collin County reports its numbers differently and does not provide a two-week history of new cases.

These numbers are low compared to other parts of Dallas County, where some ZIP codes are reporting up to 1,346 cases since the start of the pandemic. In Collin County, some areas are reporting up to 361 cases.

Regional coronavirus hospitalizations continue to increase. In Dallas County, hospitalizations were up 16% between July 5 and 6, representing the largest single-day increase since the start of the pandemic, according to the county.

For a map of Collin County cases by ZIP code, visit this link.

For a map of Dallas County cases by ZIP code, visit this link.