Medical models that predicted cases of the coronavirus in Dallas County would peak in late April or early May may be accurate, County Judge Clay Jenkins said at a May 11 press conference.

“It’s too early to call this a plateau at the peak, but that would be consistent with the medical models from early April done before the governor’s orders reopening business,” he said in a statement.

Still, those models were created prior to the loosening of business restrictions statewide, making it difficult to know where case counts will be in the coming days and weeks, Jenkins said.

"It is hard to predict what a virus will do, and the models didn't take into account increased activity from all of the openings that have taken place the last three weeks," he said.

The statement from Jenkins comes after seven days of cases hovering near 250 new cases per day. On May 11, the county confirmed 253 new residents with the illness, which is the highest number of cases reported in one day. The same number of cases were confirmed May 5.

“Today we tie for the most number of positive cases in Dallas County,” Jenkins said. “The last seven days have been flat.”

Also being reported May 11 are two more deaths. Both individuals were residents of the long-term care facilities where they died.

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Editors note: This story has been edited to include statements made by Jenkins at a May 11 press conference.