Owner of Orchard at the Office Amy Long knew she needed to act fast after revenue at her Richardson-based business dropped 75% due to the coronavirus.

Prior to the outbreak, the business delivered fruit and healthy snacks to roughly 600 offices in Dallas-Fort Worth. When businesses began allowing employees to work from home to prevent the spread of the disease, Long worried about the impact it would have on her business and, more importantly, her employees.

“Protecting our employees’ jobs is our highest priority,” Long said.

That’s when the company decided to switch to home delivery, she said.

“We thought, we have delivery vehicles, we have wholesale access to fresh fruit, and we have people who need their jobs,” Long said.

The company now delivers fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks to homes across the DFW metroplex. Customers can choose from a variety of combinations and that can be altered based on food allergies, Long said. Deliveries can be one-time or subscription-based.

The food included in the package comes directly from a wholesaler to Orchard at the Office’s refrigerated warehouse, Long said.

“This benefits seniors, people with compromised immune systems, pregnant women ... because they are receiving products that have been minimillary touched and minimally processed,” Long said.

This transition has changed the businesses’ customer demographics. About 30% of new customers are seniors, who are at a higher risk for complications due to coronavirus, Long said.

“These are people who do not feel safe to go into stores,” Long said. “We receive feedback every day from people who say this is a lifesaver.”

The company has also begun delivering products from other businesses, such as pies from Dallas-based Humble Pie, Long said.

Long said that now more than ever the company is dedicated to keeping their customers safe.

“We want customers to know that we take their health and safety very, very seriously. We are committed to providing premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables that have been minimally handled,” Long said.

For more information on services offered by Orchard at the Office, visit this link.