Richardson restaurant Waffle O'licious offers to bring food truck to area neighborhoods

Rick Rackley said he was inspired to try something new when county restrictions meant to slow the spread of coronavirus decimated sales at his Richardson restaurant Waffle O’licious.

“It was a thought that me and my business partner had: Where are the people at? The people are at home. Okay, how can we get into neighborhoods?” Rackley said.

To overcome the dine-in service ban, Rackley said he and his business partner began booking food truck gigs with area homeowners associations in several regional cities. Before opening the first brick-and-mortar location in Richardson last fall, Waffle O’licious was a food truck operation.

Over the past week, Rackley said and his team have reached out to roughly 500 area homeowners associations to let them know about the truck’s ability to park in their neighborhoods for several hours.

The truck was booked for 36 events over the coming weeks, all of which have been canceled. Rackley estimates these cancelations will cost him $50,000-$70,000.

Homeowners associations have the option of choosing from the truck’s regular menu or special, family-style menu. Family-style meals feature various cuisines, including country, Italian, Mexican and Asian. Each menu also includes a funnel cake-style waffle. Customers have the choice of either family-style or individual servings of the special menu items.

Homeowners associations interested in having the Waffle O’Licious food truck visit their neighborhood can call 469-969-5784 or email [email protected] The truck is allowed to serve food in Richardson, Plano, Allen, Dallas and Addison, Rackley said.

Additionally, Rackley said certain takeout items are 20% off if customers order from the shop in Richardson. Customers must submit the order online using the code 4LOYAL.