The city of Richardson has awarded a building modernization grant worth $100,000 to job placement and training firm XL Pro Staffing and Consulting, according to a city news release.

The business plans to relocate its headquarters from Farmers Branch to Richardson’s Core District, which officials hope will revitalize a currently vacant building, bring more customers to Core District businesses and help develop Richardson’s workforce. XL Pro plans to purchase and occupy a building that previously housed CC Carpet Flooring and Design.

“We’re creating an office environment that’ll be highly active on a daily basis,” City Manager Don Magner said. “Employees of this company from all around North Texas will come to Richardson as a result of this headquarters being moved here.”

Two-minute impact

He added the grant will help XL Pro perform interior renovations, a rehabilitation of the parking lot and exterior upgrades. The grant requires at least $1.1 million in renovations by XL Pro, with the intended goal of adaptively reusing a highly visible property off US 75.

Additionally, city officials anticipate knock-on effects that will help support businesses and the revitalization of the Core District, which includes the Chinatown, Downtown, Interurban, Lockwood and Heights neighborhoods.

“The employees that come from all around North Texas to visit the site will be eating in the Core District, shopping in the Core District and adding to the vitality of the Core District,” Magner said.

Digging deeper

With the new company in Richardson, Magner said he anticipates workforce development partnership opportunities will arise from XL Pro’s presence in the community.

“We really believe that there is a good opportunity to partner with this company, and have them be a part of our workforce development strategy,” Magner said.

Per the news release, the building modernization grant fits into a broader revitalization effort within the Core District, including:
  • The Main Street reconstruction project
  • The McKinney Street rehabilitation project
  • Interurban Commons
  • Central Trail maintenance
  • The city’s public safety complex
Looking ahead

Per terms of the grant, XL Pro must start construction by Sept. 1 and finish by March 1, 2025, Magner said.

“Richardson offers a dynamic business environment, diverse cultural heritage, and a community that shares our values of innovation and excellence,” XL Pro CEO Umer Wadiwala said. “We look forward to fostering a partnership that will drive progress and create new opportunities for both our employees and the Richardson community.”