When Jared and Jordon Baker were children, they worked in their dad’s automotive shop in Dallas. Although their career paths initially went in different directions, those paths eventually merged again when they opened Baker’s Spring Valley Automotive in 2020.

Their dad, Reginald “Reg” Baker, started working at Neiman’s Automotive in Lake Highlands in 1969. He bought the shop in 1989, and it is now named Baker’s Lake Highlands Automotive.“Our original shop was a full-service gas station,” Jordon said. “We would pump gas, check tires and wash windows. That was our job as kids.”Jared worked in the shop until he graduated from high school. After college, he followed a 20-year career in finance.

After high school, Jordon continued working in the shop. He was a mechanic for almost 15 years and racked up multiple Automotive Service Excellence certifications.

In 2019, when Jordon and Reg decided to open a second location on Spring Valley Road, Jared accepted an offer to return to the family business. “I told [Jared], ‘We’re going to buy a shop, and you could be a big part of it,’” Jordon said. The shop’s services include everything from state inspections to engine replacements and all points in between.

“I usually tell people we do everything but paint and body,” Jared said.

Jared said he feels successful as it pertains to the business when he reads customer reviews that express gratitude for going above and beyond.

“I feel successful when a customer says I’m getting my opportunity because three or four of their neighbors referred us,” Jordon said. “Then I feel like I’m doing things right.”

Baker’s Spring Valley Automotive

7821 Spring Valley Road, Dallas



Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat.-Sun. closed