Every day on his walk to and from school as a child, Darryn Huffman said he passed a mom and pop jewelry shop.

“The sun was always shining in it when I walked past after school, and the display captured my interest,” Huffman said.

Intrigued, he soon began engaging the business owners in conversation.

“After a while [the business owner] said, ‘You’re in here so much I need to give you a job because you’re taking up too much of my time otherwise,’” Huffman said.

The shop’s owner, Tony Rehan, became his jewelry arts mentor, teaching Huffman skills such as carving wax models used in making jewelry. Huffman strengthened his skills by attending the Gemological Institute of America in California, where he graduated with a jewelry arts degree in 1985.

Huffman has been in the jewelry business since then, and in 1995, he began a working relationship with Jack and Sharon Winfield, owners of Winfield’s Jewelry. When the couple retired in 2018, Huffman bought the Richardson business and renamed it Huffman Jewelry. Huffman said he often has couples looking for engagement rings or people who have inherited jewelry that they would like repurposed. However, he said he has received requests such as turning gun shell casings into rings, making hat pins for dog trainers, custom belly button rings and more.

During the fall, Huffman said a lot of his time is spent working behind the counter helping customers, but in the summer, he is mostly be found at his in-store workbench designing and making jewelry to replenish inventory. He made the most of the pieces on display, including items featuring platinum, turquoise, malachite and more.

Huffman said his favorite thing about owning this business is making jewelry.

“I like making stuff people will have long after I’m gone,” Huffman said. “I tend to make things that are substantial, well-made and I know will last.”

Huffman Jewelry

129 N. Plano Road, Richardson. 972-235-2871. www.huffmanjewelrytexas.com

Hours: Tue.-Wed., Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thu. 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; closed Sun.-Mon.