Collin College's campuses and facilities sustained more than $2 million in damage during February's winter storms, according to a winter weather report shared with the college's board of trustees March 23.

The bulk of the damages across all campuses—$1.6 million—comes from water damage, said Christopher Eyle, Collin College vice president of facilities and construction. Some fire-suppression systems and plumbing also required repairs after assessment.

The college's Spring Creek Plano Campus sustained nearly $1.6 million in damage, $1.2 million of which comes from water damage. This campus is also one of the district's oldest, Eyle said.

"[We had] essentially two days of power outages during the most extreme temperatures [in Plano]," he said. "That is really what caused our damage was the power outages. Without being able to have power, without being able to maintain heat, we had numerous HVAC and pipe ruptures, which caused our water damage."

The district's Preston Ridge Frisco Campus sustained a little under $300,000 in needed repairs, as did the Wylie Campus and student housing facilities. Remaining campuses and facilities, including the Central Park McKinney Campus, made up roughly $52,000 in damages.

Areas of the Plano campus will remain unavailable as they are repaired, though the majority of campus reopened March 15. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues expect to be repaired by early April, while water damage expects to take until May 1 to repair, according to Eyle.

Frisco's campus expects to complete water damage repairs in early April and has completed restoring campus fire-suppression and plumbing systems. Any water damage has been taken care of at the McKinney campus. A timeline for repairs to HVAC systems in Frisco and fire suppression systems in McKinney are still to be determined, Eyle shared.

Collin College is currently expecting a $100,000 deductible for campuswide insurance coverage, Eyle said, although staff is still working to determine the exact payments insurance will provide to the college.