Work crews are making their way along West Park Boulevard between Ohio Drive and Country Place Drive, addressing trees planted in the median, according to a project update.

The purpose of the project is to replace trees near the end of their lifespan in a roadway median and replace them with trees that should last 30-35 years into the future, Plano Urban Forester Marc Beaudoing said. He added that funding comes from the 2021 bond.

What you need to know

Beaudoing emphasized that work crews are not needlessly removing healthy trees as part of the project but are removing trees that are starting to decline because of the tough growing conditions within a median. He added that ash trees are being proactively removed and replaced because of the threat from the invasive emerald ash borer, which is known to destroy the trees.

Work crews will replace removed trees with native species, which are more likely to do well in the Texas climate and tough growing conditions. Funding for the project totaling about $700,000 is sourced from the 2021 bond and included in the 2023-24 Community Investment Program.

“We’re cutting down trees that suffered damage from Winter Storm Uri and others that have had really tough summers with droughts,” Beaudoing said. “They need to be removed and replaced with young, healthy native species.”

What else?

To allow for crews to perform the necessary work, Beaudoing said crews will close the lanes closest to the median on both sides of Park Boulevard, which helps improve safety at the work sites. The project also satisfies goals of the urban forest master plan, which calls for tree plantings along city streets.

“This project fits within the urban forest master plan to increase the tree canopy coverage in the city of Plano,” Beaudoing said.

The work began in April and is expected to be completed Aug. 13, he added.