City-hired consultants are expected to conduct a citywide traffic study in Plano that will analyze traffic counts and turning counts at various areas throughout the city.

Plano City Council approved nearly $495,000 with Lee Engineering—a traffic engineering and transportation planning firm—to pay for the study during its March 25 meeting.

Two-minute impact

According to city documents, the study will collect data over seven-day and 24-hour intervals along 357 roadway segments within Plano. Morning, midday and evening turning counts will be analyzed from 293 intersections in the city.

The study is expected to help provide reliable and accurate traffic counts within Plano, per city documents. The counts will help inform future studies and analysis, including:
  • A multitude of traffic studies
  • Coordinated traffic signal timing plans
  • Traffic signal performance metrics
  • Traffic modeling and simulation
  • Long-range planning efforts
  • Economic analysis
To pay for the in-depth traffic count, council approved the expenditure of $494,300.

What’s next?

No timeline was provided in city documents, but Lee Engineering is expected to share a timetable for data collection with its subconsultant for the project. Once the data is collected, there are plans to incorporate it into the city’s GIS system.

There are also plans to conduct further citywide traffic studies in future years, according to city documents.