As a pavement repair project continues along a segment of Plano Parkway, city staff are planning for further projects set to begin in spring.

City projects costing over $13 million are planned along Plano Parkway between the city’s eastern boundary and Independence Parkway to the west, according to the project webpage.

What you need to know

The pavement repair, which began in July 2022, is a nearly $6.8 million project along Plano Parkway, Lead Marketing Specialist Wendy Jorgensen said. This portion of the project is taking place between the eastern city limits and US 75, per the project webpage, and is expected to be complete in February.

Asphalt overlays are planned along several thoroughfares in east Plano, including Plano Parkway, Parker Road and Los Rios Boulevard, with a total project cost of about $3.3 million. The asphalt overlay projects are expected to begin in spring and be completed in May.

The final city portion of the project includes sidewalk improvements along Plano Parkway between Independence Parkway and Alma Drive. The cost for the sidewalk improvements is $3.15 million, with the project expected to begin in spring and complete next August.

What else?

Following the completion of the pavement repair project, the North Texas Municipal Water District has a pressurized sewer main that will be installed between Los Rios Boulevard and K Avenue. The project has an expected completion in spring 2025 and has a cost of about $11 million.