City of Plano partners with Legacy-area employers to address traffic conditions


The city of Plano is coordinating with corporations in the Legacy business area in an effort to improve worsening traffic conditions around the employment hub.

The city has partnered with employers and property owners like FedEx Office, the Campus at Legacy West, Liberty Mutual and Toyota. Stakeholders will meet April 30 to discuss alternate forms of transportation. Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said the group aims to use technology to help alleviate traffic.

“Our innovation will center around meeting the changing demands of our commuters by delivering flexible and multi-modal mobility options,” LaRosiliere said. “We are excited to collaborate with our businesses to create new and exciting solutions.”

Ignacio Herrera is a project manager with KDC, a commercial real estate developer. Herrera is serving as the chair of the transportation management association, which has been named LegacyConnect.

“The private sector is already playing a major role in changing the way people travel,” Herrera said. “Uber, Lyft, and electric scooters have disrupted traditional services. Employers are also taking less obvious steps to reducing traffic like building new parking garages, providing shuttle services or offering benefits for employees who take advantage of these new available options.”

A federal government grant would provide roughly $686,000 to help get the transportation management association off the ground.

The Plano City Council approved an $80,000 expenditure in December to begin organizing the transportation management association in advance of receiving the federal funding.

A delay in forming an agreement had pushed back the anticipated disbursement date of those funds, Plano Director of Special Projects Peter Braster said in a public memo to City Manager Bruce Glasscock.

“The delays were due to many factors, a majority of which was outside the City’s control,” Braster said in the letter. “While we now have come to terms with TxDOT, the funding will not be available until May 2019.”


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  1. Martin/Beverly Gallagher

    Regarding the Legacy traffic situation – Since there is traffic on Legacy going west in the a.m. and east in the p.m. they must be originating around the 75-Legacy corridor. A large parking area is needed, such as Collin Creek Mall, for people to park. The City/Legacy employers need to work together for a shuttle service, a transportation loop from east Plano to west Plano with an incentive to do it.

    The Parker Road Station would be an excellent area since it already a transportation hub. They would have to expand to possibly a parking garage. An area for parking just north of Legacy along the service road of 75 would also be a good hub. A bus could start on the east service road hub heading north to Bethany, cross to the west service road hub then on the Legacy West. This would be for people coming along the 75 corridor.

    For those in the GoLink zones, it could also be used. GoLink is already set up with zones. People could be picked up at their homes and taken to a “waiting area” in that zone. A shuttle bus could then go from zone to zone “waiting area” gathering up passengers and on to Legacy West. This would work for Plano residential areas.

    • GoLink will not take you from one GoLink zone into another, only within the same zone. There is a western zone that stops at Preston Road, so anyone east of that cannot use it.

  2. The citizens of Plano brought up this situation as well as others before the development was approved. . People having to sit through 3 traffic lights to get through an intersection. A DART rail line that did not serve the Employee laden Legacy area. We were ignored. Even ridiculed.
    The time to put a solution in place is before it becomes a problem. Businesses in downtown Plano have closed because customers cannot find parking spaces. Collin Creek Mall is going to be redeveloped. The time to address traffic issues is now not later.

  3. Gee, putting 25,000 employees on the corner of Legacy and 121 caused too much traffic. Who could have predicted that? Oh yeah, everyone who had common sense and wasn’t corrupt.

    And the fact that Plano already gives about $85 million to DART every year and now has to spend more to create its own transportation association because DART’s service is so sparse is just embarrassing. I have to walk 3.2 miles to get to the closest bus stop. GoLink by DART won’t take me to 3.5 miles to Legacy West because it only takes you within the same zone and Legacy West is a different zone then the north/central zone.

    Harry has ruined this city.

    The irony of this development philosophy of super high density, urban in the suburbs, is it pushes the suburbs further out. People just end up moving outward. Anna, Prosper, Celina thank you.

  4. Michael Strobel

    Agree about Harry along with lame city council, traffic engineering, and planning and zoning ruining city, especially Legacy West area regarding commutes. It’s not like they didnt see it coming years ago, but with Harry, it’s all about the ‘partnerships’ and tax breaks for corporations and tax revenue for city. How is all this better for the citizens? What a joke. I don’t go near Legacy West.

  5. Why there’s no mention to Public Transportation systems as a solution? BRT ?
    Collin County is an easy area for a bus system but it seems that nobody knows it !
    What about real and safe bike rails? We are a ‘flat’ region, perfect for cycling. Not just as a weekend thing but as a mobility solution. Why the city doesn’t contact companies that can address it, there are so many good solutions besides private cars.

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