Starting Aug. 1, Plano property owners operating a short-term rental will be required to register with the city.

The registration component will be part of the city’s regulations on short-term rentals, which were passed by Plano City Council in April.

The overview

To register a short-term rental with the city, property owners will be required to pay an annual $300 fee, which can be reduced provided certain criteria are met. Reductions of $100 each are available if a property has no nuisance or serious incidents over the preceding year and if owners complete a training program for short-term rental operators.

According to city documents, operators must provide the following to register a short-term rental:
  • Proof of at least $1 million in liability coverage
  • Name, email address, phone number, residential and business addresses, and copy of government-issued identification for property owners, management and designated contacts who can respond within one hour or another reasonable timetable depending on the circumstances
  • Floor plan with furniture layout; emergency evacuation routes; and the location of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Photographs of the interior and exterior areas of the property available for use
  • Host rules for the premises, which denote the maximum number of guests
  • Evidence that a short-term rental is allowed
  • A list of sites where the short-term rental is advertised
Operators are also required to have video and noise-monitoring equipment at the short-term rental, which must be made available to the city if subpoenaed.

Some context

Throughout the process, city staff evaluated and compared potential regulations to that of other cities. Based on information provided by other cities, this is how Plano’s $500 registration fee compares:What’s next?

City officials said the registration portal should be open soon. Notices will also be mailed out to property owners notifying them of the need to register ahead of Aug. 1, which is when the registration ordinance takes effect.