Plano amended an approved grant funding agreement that will increase the number of cameras at signalized intersections within the city, which is aimed at creating more efficient traffic management.

The change that will shift most of the reimbursable cost to the city on roadways not maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation was approved at the Oct. 23 council meeting.

The overview

The overall cost for the installation of 160 closed-circuit television cameras at intersections throughout the city will cost nearly $2 million, $1.9 million of which is covered by a $1.8 million grant and $37,340-worth of traffic development credits allocated by the state. Any remaining project costs after the grant and traffic development credits are used are the city’s responsibility.

Once the project is completed, over 200 Plano intersections will have cameras installed.

The footage from the cameras will be used by city staff at the Traffic Management Center who will be able to monitor traffic flow remotely. Without a remote monitoring capability, city staff are required to travel to a traffic signal’s location to diagnose any problems, according to a council memo.

Funds were originally allocated in June 2022 before the latest amendment approved in October.