Plano residents will be seeing increases to some of their monthly utility and service costs starting Oct. 1.

The costs reflect higher rates the city is paying for contracts to obtain water or sewer services along with increased personnel and equipment cost for trash and recycling services based on presentations during the Aug. 17 Plano City Council budget workshop.

What you need to know

Director of Budget and Research Karen Rhodes-Whitley said the wholesale water rate from the North Texas Municipal Water District was $3.69 per thousand gallons, a 9% increase instead of the original proposed 11%. Wastewater increases from the district total around 10%, she added.

To cope with the increased costs of both water and sewer service, the city is proposing two separate increases: 6% for water customers and 3% for sewer. Rhodes-Whitley said the average residential customer with 10,000 gallons of monthly water usage and 5,000 gallons for wastewater would see a $4.48 monthly increase, or about 4.8% from their current bill.

Quote of note

“I think it’s very important that we recognize that water costs are going up; the growth of the region is demanding additional water resources; so the trajectory of water rates is going to continue to increase,” City Manager Mark Israelson said. “It truly our most precious resource for the growth of the area.”

In other news

Solid waste customers will also see increases depending on the size and amount of their trash or recycling receptacles. Rhodes-Whitley attributed the cost increases to more expensive fuel and equipment, personnel-related expenditures, and inflation.

For individuals with a 95-gallon carton, the city's proposed rate increase is $4, taking the monthly cost to $23.60. The costs for a 68-gallon carton or an additional residential carton are both increasing by about 20%, according to Public Works Assistant Director Amanda Owens.

The rate presented by Owens for the 68-gallon carton is $16.89.

What’s next?

Residents wanting to share feedback on the current budget will have the opportunity to do so during a planned town hall meeting Aug. 22 at the Plano Municipal Center.