Registration is now open for Plano residents to apply for the Neighborhood and Vitality Beautification Grant offered by the city.

The program offers up to $10,000 in grant funds to registered neighborhood groups within the city, such as homeowners associations, neighborhood associations and crime watch groups. Any groups who apply must be preregistered with the city’s Neighborhood Services Department and must match the amount of funds given through the grant if approved. The program has two grant cycles each year, one in spring and one in fall. The spring cycle is closed, but the fall cycle for applications began May 13. Preapplications are due July 1, and all applications are due Aug. 15, according to the city’s website.

All projects used with the grant funds must support neighborhood goals, be highly visible from the public areas, benefit the community, enlist local participation, enhance the neighborhood’s appearance and be within the city’s limits. The city’s website states the program was developed to support the goal of “vibrant and renewing neighborhoods” within Plano.

As part of its efforts toward increasing local sustainability, the city of Plano has designated grow zones that allow for the regrowth of natural grass and woodlands to increase the amount of native acreage in the city.

The Glenhollow North Estates Homeowners Association was able to take advantage of the program when it decided to implement more efficient irrigation and sprinkler systems in 2017 as part of its efforts toward increasing local sustainability.

The association's board members assumed the work would take three to five years to complete, but using the program they received a $10,000 matching grant to help complete the work in two years, as reported by Community Impact Newspaper.

More information on the program and specific instructions for applying can be found here.