Editor's note: This story was updated to accurately reflect that winter break will end on Jan. 5, 2026.

Plano ISD has approved its calendar for the 2025-26 school year.

What you need to know

The PISD board of trustees approved the calendar during its Jan. 30 meeting, and the 2025-26 calendar is “almost exactly” the calendar that was approved for the 2024-25 school year on Nov. 28, PISD Chief Communications Officer Lesley Range-Stanton said.

“The input received earlier is being applied to 2025-26,” she said.

The calendar sets the first day of school for Aug. 12, 2025, and the last day of school for May 22, 2026. The 2025-26 calendar includes an 82-day first semester and an 89-day second semester.

Students can expect a full week off for fall break from Oct. 13-17, 2025, and Thanksgiving break from Nov. 24-28, 2025. Winter break is set for Dec. 22, 2025-Jan. 5, 2026, while spring break will take place from March 16-23, 2026.

The approach

District officials had been hoping to get two years ahead on approving academic calendars “for a long time,” PISD Superintendent Theresa Williams said.

Williams added that setting a graduation date more in advance was one main reason.

“When we’re only doing one year at a time, sometimes our families need a little more time for planning,” she said. “I think [approving the calendar earlier] is good for a lot of reasons—first being the ability to set our graduation.”

The early approval also gives the district time to adjust the calendar if needed.

“The calendar is always subject to change,” Range-Stanton said. “By having it approved so far in advance, we could make changes all the way up to this time next year if needed.”

Learn more

The full approved calendar can be found on Plano ISD’s website.