New employees hired in Plano ISD during the first half of the school year will get a one-time stipend as part of the district’s recruitment and retention efforts.

The board of trustees voted unanimously Oct. 3 to extend the district’s previously approved stipend to employees hired between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31.

The extension was needed “due to a continued high level of vacancies,” according to supporting information provided to the board.

New teachers, nurses and librarians will receive a $1,000 stipend, and all other eligible employees will receive $500, according to the district.

The extension of the stipend is estimated to cost $150,000, which will come out of the district’s share of federal dollars related to the pandemic, according to documents.

This is an extension of the stipend approved by the board in May for existing employees. The board also voted at that time to give qualifying employees a pay raise. Teachers, librarians and nurses received a 4% raise, and there was a 3% increase approved on the control rate for all other employees.

Employees eligible for the initial stipend received their payment Sept. 28, according to the district.