Trustees in Plano ISD heard a presentation Aug. 2 from the district's 2022 Future Forward Task Force regarding recommended projects to include in a possible bond package of nearly $1.5 billion. District officials said the board is expected to consider the task force’s recommendation at its Aug. 16 meeting for possible inclusion on the November ballot.

With four propositions, the proposed bond package would total $1,495,638,000 for “critical” projects in the district, according to task force co-chairs Rick Cinclair and Marshall Jackson. In total, the district is in need of more than $2.24 billion in projects, but that was cut by about a third to land at the suggested bond, they said.

“I think kicking the can down the road is probably an apt description of what has happened in Plano,” Board President David Stolle said. “It’s time [for this]. We’ve had one bond in the last 14 years, which is too long ago.”

Nearly 79% of district voters passed a $481 million bond in May 2016. That bond provided funds for districtwide renovations, the fine arts center, technology improvements, early childhood education and more.

Johnny Hill, PISD deputy superintendent for business and employee services, said the district is able to issue up to $1.52 billion without increasing the district’s property tax rate. The proposed bond was suggested without knowledge of the district’s threshold for a tax increase, Jackson said. District officials said the task force worked for more than five months on the bond package recommendation.

“The task force ... came up with a bond package that they would like to see you all pass that is just slightly less than the maximum of what we can afford,” Jackson said. “And again, essentially what the task force recommended is the critical projects.”

Hill cautioned the board against putting off calling the bond election. He said putting off this bond for six years could cause the cost of these projects to increase by nearly 42% due to projected construction cost increases and inflation.

Of the proposed elements of the recommended bond package, Proposition A would cover the majority of the work needed in the district at a total of $1,104,371,000, according to the presentation. Recommendations for this proposition include major and minor districtwide renovations; safety and security; infrastructure and transportation; fine arts; technology; technology infrastructure; campus athletics; and career and technical education, and innovative programs, according to Cinclair.

Propositions B, C and D would total more than $391 million. Proposition B would be for $173.45 million for instructional technology; Proposition C could give PISD $130 million for a district event center; and Proposition D would total more than $21.81 million for stadium renovations and new turf.

“This bond will help us keep playing [competitively] with the districts around us; give us the ability to meet the growing demands for CTE and other important programs; allow us to upgrade our technology to enhance our education; [and more],” Cinclair said.

The board's full meeting is available to view on the district website here.