The Plano ISD board of trustees encouraged further research to help them decide what renovations to do at Williams High School.

At a work session Sept. 17, the board discussed the results of a campus assessment by PBK, an architectural and engineering design solutions company. A tour earlier in the day by the board highlighted some recent updates at Williams as well as portions of the building that were tagged for possible changes.

The school has been upgraded in a number of ways over the last 18 years, including new roofing, artificial turf at the school’s stadium and an in-progress HVAC replacement.

“It’s at what point do we decide this is the way we are going and use the $5 to $7 million in the bond or completely put it off and decide if this is an issue for a future bond,” said Randy McDowell, the district's chief financial officer.

A possible renovation plan for Williams would use the $5 million to $7 million remaining in the 2016 bond to move the entrance of the building to what is now the back of the building. The administration would then move to the new entrance location and the parking lot would be adjusted to enhance drop-off systems. The bus loading would move to the current front of the building, off of 17th Street.

Another proposal would require renovating large portions of the school, including the cafeteria, kitchen and academic areas. This proposal would also simplify circulation and refresh interior finishes. This would likely require inclusion in a future bond.

A third option would be to construct a new building, either where Williams stands now or at a new location.

“I’m leaning towards let’s move forward, have a little bit more detailed plan, and really nail down the cost,” board secretary Jeri Chambers said. “Then report back to us, and we can be more informed about what we are voting for.”

Board members encouraged PBK and district staff to prepare more detailed costs and timelines for each option. The item will likely resurface at a work session or board meeting in November.