The Gyro Shop started out as a food truck in New York in 2008 before growing to three brick-and-mortar restaurants in Texas.

Victor Waqar, the original founder of the eatery, decided to move his family to Texas from New York and brought the concept with him. He opened his first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Plano in July 2017. He soon realized he wanted to expand and his cousins Syed Zaidi and Faisal Maqsood—who are brothers—said they were ready to make a change from their IT careers and partnered with Waqar.

As co-owners, the trio have each taken a store to operate. Zaidi runs the Plano restaurant; Waqar is at the Houston location, which also opened in 2017; and Maqsood operates the Frisco eatery, which opened in 2021.

Their menu features recipes Waqar created for the New York food truck. Maqsood pointed out that New York-style gyros differ from others in that the meat is chopped, not sliced. In addition to gyro sandwiches, the eatery also serves the gyro meat in bowls, which are called platters, and on salads. These options are common in New York, he said.

Customers can choose either lamb, chicken or a combination of both for their gyros.

Zaidi said several of their customers have sought them out because they are from New York and wanted a taste of home.

He said co-owing this business is his ideal situation because he can rely on his cousin and brother for advice when needed.

“[And] I get a workout everyday moving all this stuff,” he said with a laugh.

Within one year, the business owners said they hope to open another location in McKinney or Allen, and for their five-year goal, they are considering franchising the restaurant Zaidi said.

He said this career path gives him joy, and the increased activity has proven to be better for his health.

“I like to make food and see the faces of the happy people when they eat it,” Zaid said. “They like it, and I like that.”

The Gyro Shop

6909 Coit Road, Ste. 201, Plano


Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11 a.m.-midnight