Father-son duo Mehrdad and Reza Tabrizi said it took two years to finalize the recipe for their homemade gelato. What they came up with cannot be found anywhere else in Texas, Reza said.

“It took a lot of tries and a lot of work to create the good gelato we have right now,” Reza said.

What sets OMGelato apart is that each made-to-order serving of gelato is frozen immediately using liquid nitrogen. This results in a product that is smoother and fresher, Reza explained.

“The most common way of making gelato or ice cream is using a batch freeze,” he said. “Since [the gelato] is left in a freezer for 2-3 days, it loses its freshness.”

Mehrdad’s co-owner, Mohammad Najafi, was a frequent customer at a gelateria in Iran. After picking the brains of those shop owners and attending classes hosted by Italian chefs, the Tabrizis and Najafi came up with their own recipe but tweaked it to include the use of liquid nitrogen.

The Tabrizis emigrated to the U.S. from Iran in 2016 through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, which provides immigrant visas to up to 50,000 individuals annually.

Mehrdad, who is an agricultural engineer by trade and owned the largest commercial landscaping company in Iran, said he wanted to provide a better life for his three children.

“I had to [leave everything] over there and come here because of my children and for their education opportunities,” he said.

Customers at OMGelato have the option of combining more than 50 base flavors with 50 add-ins, toppings and injectable, all-natural syrups.

“Our slogan is that if you can design it, we can make it,” Mehrdad said.

The business also offers sorbets, milkshakes and a full espresso bar. In the coming weeks, non-caffeinated herbal teas will be available.

OMGelato opened in October 2020, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Reza said it has been difficult to find employees, and the business has yet to turn a profit. Still, he said his family is grateful for the outpouring of support they have received from customers.


3829 W. Spring Creek Parkway, Ste. 103, Plano



Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily