After nearly a year of public engagement and data collection, Plano officials have developed a set of draft plans for areas around two future stations along the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Silver Line.

The latest set of draft plans was presented to the planning and zoning commission during its March 18 meeting.

Two-minute impact

The draft plans—included in city documents—outline desirable land uses for areas surrounding the future 12th Street Station and Shiloh Road Station along the Silver Line track. After receiving a brief update, many commissioners seemed satisfied with the results to date.

Senior Mobility Planner Jason Aprill said city staff spent nearly a year gathering feedback from the community on the plans presented to the commission.

For the 12th Street Station, the community feedback centered on creating new public spaces to enhance new residential areas, having a mix of residential options and incorporating safe pedestrian-friendly areas, per city documents. The vision for the Shiloh Road Station highlighted improvements to aid movement to and from the station, transit-oriented developments that tie into the station, and added public spaces.

The backstory

The Silver Line is a planned 26-mile commuter rail system set to run from Shiloh Road Station in Plano to Terminal B inside Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport. The cost of the project is about $2.1 billion and also includes plans for a trail network that will run alongside the rail tracks in most places.

Service for the Silver Line is expected to begin between late 2025 and mid-2026.

What’s next?

Aprill said staff would take the existing draft plans and finalize them, which could lead to further actions by both the planning and zoning commission and Plano City Council.

“Now, we are beginning to take the information that we’ve heard [and] develop frameworks that outline the future vision of transportation, land use, open space and character around the station areas,” Aprill said.

Four potential next steps were identified in city documents with the draft plans:
  • Zoning changes to align with priorities for the station areas
  • Branding and streetscape design to match the character of station areas
  • Community Investment Program project recommendations to achieve transportation and safety goals
  • Amendments to the comprehensive plan to match Silver Line station area recommendations