A zoning change that paves the way for a Captain Car Wash in Plano was approved Sept. 13 by City Council.

The property is located just west of Spring Creek near the corner of West Park Boulevard and Alma Drive.

The lot falls under the Spring Creekwalk Master Plan, a 160-acre area identified by the city as having development and redevelopment potential. In the plan, city staff said they hope to eventually turn the area into a "major focal point and activity center for the community as well as a regional attraction" for Plano.

The Plano Planning and Zoning Commission said the car wash does not align with the master plan and recommended council deny the request, according to city documents.

In its report, the commission also cited other potential issues, such as chemical runoff and increased traffic in the area.

“Car wash uses are allowed in many commercial zoning districts within the city, and there are other properties that would be more suitable for a car wash,” the commission’s report said.

Council approved the request with an amendment that trees or hedges be built on the southeast corner of the property facing Spring Creek. Council members agreed that additional landscaping would help align the property with the aesthetic goals of the master plan.

Derek Evans, CEO of Tunnel Equity Partners and owner of Captain Car Wash, said the upscale facility will use eco-friendly cleaning products and a system designed to prevent any chemical runoff. He said the car wash will be a convenient neighborhood amenity, and screening walls will ensure an attractive view from Spring Creek walking trails.

“I will not let you down, and I will make this area better,” Evans told council.

A goal stated in the master plan is to create more pedestrian trails linking the surrounding neighborhoods and downtown to the Spring Creek area. Council Member Julie Holmer said construction needs to take into consideration “any future walking trails that may come through.”

The zoning change was approved in a 7-1 vote with Council Member Kayci Prince opposed.

The entire case can be viewed here.