Approval of a land-use change request has paved the way for future construction of a new independent senior living facility in Plano.

The land, owned by Life Central Church, expects to be sold to Gardner Capital, a housing developer that will build the facility north of Enterprise Drive on Premier Road.

The building will offer housing to seniors with a range of incomes, according to Gardner Senior Vice President Ryan Combs.

"We're trying to meet the need, or help meet the need, for all the seniors that need great affordable housing," Combs said.

Of the 97 proposed units, 20 will be rented at full-market rates. The remaining units will be reserved for seniors with lower incomes. There will be one- and two-bedroom units available, Combs said.

The facility will also have a relationship with Life Central Church, which sits adjacent to the land it is selling. Combs' team plans to recruit a married couple from Life Central Church who will receive reduced rent to live on the property and interact with their neighbors. The couple will be known as the facility's Cares Team and will host events for residents to get to know each other as well as welcome and befriend new residents.

The Cares Team will also connect seniors on the property with Life Central Church's senior ministry, Combs said.

Members of the community and of the church voiced their support during the Aug. 24 zoning case presentation. Plano City Council members unanimously approved the request. The vote was amended to allow for balconies and porches in areas where they would not cause noise issues.