Final results: Williams, Bao win seats on Plano City Council amid high runoff turnout


From left, Shelby Williams, Ron Kelley, Lily Bao, Ann Bacchus

Two Plano City Council candidates endorsed by Gov. Greg Abbott defeated Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere’s preferred choices Saturday in the city’s runoff elections.

Challenger Shelby Williams ousted incumbent Council Member Ron Kelley while Lily Bao beat her opponent Ann Bacchus by a wide margin, with all vote centers reporting in Collin and Denton counties.

Kelley thanked his supporters and congratulated Williams late Saturday in a Facebook post.

“Now let’s move forward together and continue to make Plano the City of Excellence it is,” Kelley’s statement read. In an email, he declined to comment further.

Williams and Bao did not immediately respond late Saturday to requests for comment.

“A big thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped with the campaign,” Bao wrote in a Facebook post after the returns came in. “I very much look forward to serving all Plano residents.”

Williams and Bao both touted the governor’s endorsements on the campaign trail, running as fiscal conservatives who would curb municipal property tax growth and rein in high-density apartment development.

Kelley and Bacchus were backed by the mayor and local police and fire groups.

Although Bacchus said she was disappointed in the outcome, she said the citizens spoke. Bacchus added that she hopes Bao will “govern based on what the citizens need,” not ideology.

“The campaigning is over, and I hope that we can put whatever differences we have [behind us]  and [that]  she’ll be an excellent councilwoman and do great things for Plano,” Bacchus said.

The results coincided with a large spike in voter turnout among Plano voters in Collin County.

Plano voters in Collin County cast 21,260 ballots—up from 17,973 in the city’s last runoff election in 2017. The 18% increase in cast by Plano residents in Collin County outpaced the 3% rise in the number of registered voters during that same time frame.

In all, 13% of the Plano residents registered to vote in Collin County cast ballots in early voting alone. That’s up from 11% in the 2017 council runoffs.

Here were the final unofficial totals with all vote centers reporting:

Place 5
Shelby Williams—11,071 votes counted, 53%
Ron Kelley, incumbent—9,712 votes counted, 47%

Place 7
Lily Bao—12,251 votes counted, 57%
Ann Bacchus—9,319 votes counted, 43%

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  1. Eventually some good news for the city. Next one to be ousted should be Larosiliere who messed up a great place.

    • I disagree. Plano is a great place to live because of our current mayor. It’s not a sleepy bedroom community anymore, it’s a real City.

      • Yep, great place… if you like high taxes, traffic, high density housing, crap roads…

        The mayor and the rest of his cronies should be next

  2. Excellent News!! Ann Bacchus is an awful woman. Look at what she has done when the cameras are rolling detailing her atrocious behavior. She is disgusting and glad the people of Plano knocked her to the curb. She cussed out and spit toward a volunteer of the opposing candidate on 2 separate occasions.Plano doesn’t need a crazy lunatic like that on the city council.

  3. Glad Ann lost . Completely unprofessional behavior and didn’t deserve to be in the council. Strongly aligned with a particular religious community as you can see from the people coming to vote for her. Thanks to Lily and all those who voted for her. Ann was also one of them

  4. David Fincannon

    The establishment works so hard to make Plano blue ( purple) whatever. The voters were still able to overcome the shenanigans by the city manager and the mayor. This is a reminder to the council, the opinion and ideas of these two new council persons are just as important as whatever hidden agendas you have percolating from the establishments sewer of ideas.

  5. Ebony Perkins

    I’m the great granddaughter of John Hightower and its a shame. My family was just dedicated a park in Plano Stomps on-Drake park, and all I have to say is thank God I now live in Princeton. Plano has become over run and feels like city officials dont care. And these four dont care.

    • Ebony Perkins

      I’m the great granddaughter of John Hightower and its a shame. My family was just dedicated a park in Plano Stimpson-Drake park, and all I have to say is thank God I now live in Princeton. Plano has become over run and feels like city officials dont care. And these four dont care.

  6. People’s voice are heard and will of majority people are reflected in the election. The establishment needs to listen humbly, not brush off any criticism or label different views as anti-growth. With the addition of two new members, we hope the city council will modify its course and put interest of Plano residents above and before any other interest groups.

    • Interesting comments but I disagree with them. Plano used to be a boring, sleepy suburban bedroom community. It has developed into a vibrant and interesting community and jobs center. The diversity – ethnic, national, religious, cultural – is refreshing and a strength. Housing options continue to expand. Public infrastructure is maintained. Job opportunities of all types abound and most other cities could be envious of this. Plano was never fated to be a quiet little farm town with Dallas so close by. It’s leaders (present mayor standing tall among them) and city planners are to be commended in their vision to direct Plano towards its current and future successes.

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