Crews will soon begin construction on a new dog park on the far east side of Plano after the City Council approved funding for the project.

Plano City Council on Monday awarded a $1.8 million bid to construct the dog park on the southern portion of Bob Woodruff Park, southeast of the intersection of Park Boulevard and Shiloh Road. Plano Parks and Recreation Department spokesperson Kelley Crimmins said Monday in an email that construction is expected to begin this year and be completed by the end of 2019.

When completed, the park will include 6.5 acres of gated, enclosed areas for dogs to run and play off their leashes. The play areas will include three separate areas for small dogs, large dogs and senior dogs, respectively. A smaller fourth area will be a flexible-use space, according to city documents.

The dog park would also feature 75 paved parking spaces and a shaded structure in the center of the park for the dogs’ human companions to hang out or observe the activities in the park.