MADabolic is slated to open its new Plano location by the end of October. This gym will be the first of eight new locations planned for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. MADabolic provides its guests with a program of "strength-driven interval training" through workouts focused on momentum, aerobics and durability.

"We're all about building good, lean, athletic muscles," said Adam McLeod, franchise owner for MADabolic in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. "Our workouts still absolutely torch body fat, but you're just putting on that good, lean, athletic muscle to speed up your metabolism."

MADabolic's first week once it opens will be known as the Free Week of Madness, allowing residents to sign up and try out the program and its classes. MADabolic is located at 1901 Preston Road, Ste. E1002, Plano. 512-740-8392.