Jackie Sorrenti realized in the early 2000s it was time to come up with a plan B to her corporate IT job after watching coworkers get laid off over and over.

She said she spent about 12 hours a week researching in her spare time and writing business plans for a candy store, a flower shop, a card store and a golf shop. Eventually, the golf shop idea rose to the top.

“The only [golf] sector that is growing is women’s, and it has been that way for 17 years,” she said. “[Women] were the most underserved group in the industry.”

She opened Gals on and off the Green in 2004 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she and her husband lived. For the next five years she continued to work her IT job and run the new business. In 2009, she quit her IT job and, in 2014, she opened a second store in Plano.

She said she chose Plano because her husband had a long-term job in Dallas, and the couple had spent a lot of time going back and forth between the two locations. She said she saw that the golf market was good here and ran professional demographics before deciding this would be a viable expansion location.

“Normally you wouldn’t open a second location so far apart, but because we had a purpose and reason to be here, it made sense,” Sorrenti said. “And the demographics held up.”

Sorrenti said the shop sells active wear that can be classic or contemporary.

"People golf in dresses because it is easy, and they are cool. It’s your outfit, so you don’t have to think about a coordinated top and bottom,” Sorrenti said. “It’s easy for cross-wardrobing.”

Customers visit Gals on and off the Green because of the diverse product mix, which results in something for everyone, she said.

“You can wear them every day. They stretch, dry quickly, don’t wrinkle and are easy to care for,” Sorrenti said of the merchandise. “You can have a marathon day, you might be tired, but you will look amazing in these clothes.”

Gals on and off the Green

1900 Preston Road, Ste. 228, Plano



Hours: Mon-Sat. 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. noon-5 p.m.