When the Hancock family—John, Mollie and their daughter, Chloe—launched Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies in 2015, they were acting on an idea from two years earlier.

That is when Mollie first heard about a Canadian company that rented reusable plastic boxes.

They decided to create a similar business once John, an English teacher for 20 years, no longer had full-time employment.

“Instead of me looking for a different job, this was the perfect time to start a business,” John said.

After researching the perfect box and getting a family friend to design the logo, they stocked up on inventory, put magnetic signs on John’s old truck and went to work renting reusable, recycled and recyclable moving boxes and moving accessories.

“I want to take care of the earth wherever I can,” Mollie said.

Business responsibilities were chosen based on each family member’s strengths and expertise. Chloe earned a marketing degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. So she and Mollie, who uses her decades of experience as a Realtor, became the marketing team. John loves to visit with customers, so he makes all the deliveries and pickups. He also cleans the boxes after each use.

Over the years, John’s methods for delivering boxes have improved.

“I was an English teacher, not science, so I was not aware that when you put those boxes in the back of the truck, the lids would serve as wings, and they flew out the back,” John said.

He now drives a custom-wrapped van.

The Hancocks have been involved in the Plano Chamber of Commerce for years and have found it a useful networking resource. This year, Chloe serves as the chair of the chamber’s Young Professionals of Plano organization.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies offers packages to meet a variety of moving needs. They start with enough containers for a one-bedroom move ($80 for two weeks) and go up from there.

The Hancocks are celebrating the fact that they now have 2,000 clients. March 2021 proved to be their best month, they said.

“What brings people to us is the ease of the service,” Chloe said.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies



Ordering hours: Accepted online 24/7

Delivery hours: Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m.