Stacy Wright had never heard of sensory integration disorder when her daughter Natalie was diagnosed at the age of 5. Thirteen years later, Wright has dedicated her life to giving families the tools they need to care for a loved one with a learning difference.

“All we want is for our children to be successful in the sense that they are comfortable with themselves, they are happy in their own skin, and they are able to do what they want to do,” she said. “Our biggest fear is that our kids aren’t going to have that because they have these struggles ... but we have tools to help them.”

Stacy’s Sensory Solutions, located off Coit Road in Plano, offers stylish, customized products to help children and their families deal with various diagnoses, such as autism, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more.

Many of the items at Stacy’s have names the average person might not recognize, but some of the more common products include weighted blankets and fidgets. Each of the store’s eight employees has a relevant degree, is close to someone with a learning difference or has a learning difference themselves.

“There’s so much we can impart just from the journey we’ve been on ourselves,” Wright said. “Parents need to talk to somebody who is walking the walk.”

At the time of Natalie’s diagnosis, there were few places where parents could buy therapy equipment. The products that were available, Wright said, were not only expensive but also reinforced stigmas associated with learning differences. After failing to find a weighted vest that suited Natalie’s unique personality, Wright made one herself.

“I wanted Natalie to wear something fashionable and cute—she already had things that made her a little different. The last thing we needed was a therapy vest,” she said. “I was so pleased because you couldn’t tell that there was anything different about the vest [I made].”

Parents quickly began asking Wright to make specialized products for their own children. The effort snowballed, and Wright’s home turned into a sewing factory. Eight years later, she decided to open a store.

In 2019, the business relocated to its current storefront in Plano. Families across Texas and nationwide, many of whom are referred by therapists, teachers and counselors, order products from Stacy’s, including custom weighted blankets and vests made by in-house seamstresses who create unique styles for each child.

The need for therapy tools goes far beyond children, Wright said. As a result, the business recently began offering products aimed at adults and seniors and underwent a rebranding effort that makes the shopping experience more inclusive for all ages.

“Finding a solution for a family, and knowing their days are going to be easier, is huge,” she said. “We are not about selling products—we are about finding solutions.”

Stacy’s Sensory Solutions

1220 Coit Road, Ste. 102, Plano


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.

Private appointments also available