Queenie Feige-Hider said she and her daughter, Nichole Fiorentino, have always loved small boutiques. So in 2019, they took the leap and bought their own.

“We seek out this kind of place because we like to wear different clothes,” Feige-Hider said.

A close friend of Feige-Hider’s owned The Feathered Nest for 11 years before selling.

Since taking over, the mother-daughter pair has added more clothing, locally made jewelry, hats, bags and more. They said they enjoy supporting small businesses and that their boutique is meant to showcase those items.

Fiorentino, the store’s buyer, described the Nest’s clothes as having a boho-urban flair. She chooses items based on customer feedback, quality and pricing.

“We have a long conversation with our customers; we engage them and listen to them,” Feige-Hider said.

Fiorentino said it is important to her that the store is versatile enough to satisfy a variety of shoppers.

“We wanted to get moms and daughters in here shopping at the same time. That’s the goal,” she said.

Like most businesses, The Feathered Nest has had to adjust to survive the pandemic. Customers’ priorities have changed, and shopping is not necessarily at the top of their list, Fiorentino said.

“People are not coming into little dress shops and dropping a ton of cash,” Fiorentino said.

As such, the pair has shifted the focus to online sales and changed the inventory. The boutique now offers more lounge sets for around the house or for dressing up.

“I think it’s very important ... [that we give customers] something comfortable and lovely, something that you can walk by the mirror and go, ‘Wow, I kind of like the way that looks on me,’” Fiorentino said.

The Feathered Nest

1018 E. 15th St., Plano



Hours: Wed.-Thu. 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-7:30 p.m., Sun. 1-3 p.m., closed Mon.-Tue.